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GTA 4 Android – Download APK + SD Data

Are you looking for a legitimate version of GTA 4 Android that will enable you the full version of this title with no problems whatsoever??

Take a look at our offer! ?

Nowadays it’s tough to find games on our mobile devices that will work in the same way as their PC versions. Taking this into account, our group has decided to focus on releasing one of the most popular action games released to date. We mean here Grand Theft Auto IV. GTA 4 APK we are now describing has been prepared based on the full version of the original PC game.

Because of that, we made sure that the production will contain all the essential features. There will be the whole storyline for you to follow, and all the gameplay options that amused you on PC version will finally be available in here. Learn more about our GTA for Android service and see how to get this production on your computer!?

gta 4 android

GTA IV – the successful continuation of San Andreas?

GTA 4 was a sequel to one of the most successful Grand Theft Auto instalments in the history of the whole series. As you may imagine, the expectations were extremely high, and many critics thought the game would fail. As it later on occurred, GTA 4 was not only as enjoyable as its predecessor but even more absorbing! In here, we took the role of Niko Bellic, who came to Liberty City in search of people, who betrayed him and his friends. ?

gta 4 for android

About GTA 4 For Mobile Devices

The game characterises with much better graphics than San Andreas, what of course can be noticed in GTA IV Android version as well. Except for that, we can see here a much more improved system of damaging cars, new aiming system, and one of the essential changes regarding fighting – the ability to hide behind covers.

Except for that, it’s also good to mention about new cars and of course new steering system thanks to which the controls of vehicles are much more interesting. GTA 4 for mobile devices does not limit any of these options. You receive the full version of them, with the optimisation for tapping and all options conveniently laid out on your mobile phone. See for yourself that GTA 4 Android made by our group can fulfil your expectations!?

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How to get GTA 4 APK on my phone?

If you don’t know what to do to enjoy this instalment of GTA for Android, this short tutorial will instruct you step by step. First of all, you have to make sure you obtain GTA IV from our page. It is the only safe source of the game. After that, you have to plug your device into your computer.

Then transfer the downloaded file to your telephone, and once you turn it on, find the installer and launch it. After a few minutes (depending on your phone), the game will be ready to install. Do not forget to turn off your wi-fi and Internet in your phone to make sure GTA 4 for Android will not seek updates!